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DSMore Users:
See our presentation on DSMore 2013 Enhancements from the February DSMore User's meeting in Orlando.

Integral Analytics (IA) creates concise solutions that are essential to the success of our clients.  An analytical software and consulting firm, IA includes experts in engineering, statistics, software design, and operations research.

Based on sophisticated analytical methods, Integral Analytics creates powerful tools that can reach every aspect of the energy industry.  Our tools provide our clients with precise valuations and forecasts, faster and more cost effectively.  Our products will bring clarity to your business, benefit your budgets, and ultimately provide more harmony with our ecosystem.

Using sophisticated stochastic methods that explicitly value the effects of extreme weather at the hourly level, IA’s Causal Simulation Models are currently used to:

  •  Value DSM/DR programs in support of IRP planning

  •  Forecast loads for T&D engineering and reliability planning

  •  Measure transformer overloading and load at risk (LARA),

  •  Value customer margins and loads for cost-to-tariff, customer switching, and fixed bill analysis

  •  Optimize supply-side resource planning

  •  Measure structured commodity value and utility Value-at-Risk (VaR)

  •  Report nodal and locational cost of supply

Additional information on our software solutions and services can be found under the product links. To contact the Integral Analytics team please us the Contact Us link above.

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